Technology (english)

25/03/2024 — Dump Javascript Generated Webpage use chromium command line
16/03/2024 — Differential backups with rsync use the –inplace option
13/03/2024 — Best Way to Compare Two Directories use rsync -i
09/03/2024 — Bye Bye Netstat use ss now
08/03/2024 — Fonts in Archlinux Console how to set your console
09/02/2023 — Installing Texlive on Linux Use the source, not the package manager
09/11/2018 — Busybox httpd with basic auth busybox httpd -m
07/09/2017 — Building minio's mc and restic on termux
04/09/2017 — Find out compiler version of a go binary clever use of gdb
06/08/2017 — Generate an SSH public key Your private key also contains your public key
02/06/2017 — git: list all commit hashes and nothing else
02/06/2017 — git: list all files in a commit ls, but for git
27/04/2017 — Learning go what a nice language
31/03/2017 — First glitch with musl no like JDBC driver
27/03/2017 — Dummy SMTP server for testing FakeSMTP
22/02/2017 — lua: print in colour use ANSI escape codes
17/11/2016 — Simplified getopt for lua my own implementation
12/11/2016 — gvim on Ubuntu how to build
12/11/2016 — git from source on Centos 7 I want -C
10/11/2016 — Continue your loops in lua use goto
10/11/2016 — Ternary operator in lua and…or
08/11/2016 — printf in lua string.format is too long
07/11/2016 — vim with lua since then I learned vimscript and kinda like it
23/06/2016 — Ansible is agentless, but... python is needed on clients
13/05/2016 — For K&C, world is master in French hello, world
14/04/2016 — C in sh 21st Century C
12/04/2016 — Busybox, compile one applet only make menuconfig
08/04/2016 — pfSense notifications with Sendgrid get email notifications
26/03/2016 — Fast, really? no need to be fast, just need no ads
15/03/2016 — Tabular display in Linux terminal the ‘column’ command
10/03/2016 — Why no busybox for Android no vi, no ed
07/03/2016 — Poor Man's Service Starter crontab’s @reboot
02/03/2016 — Compiling vim on a Raspberry Pi 3 slow, but ok
12/02/2016 — Do you need Docker if you have JARs? well… not really
12/02/2016 — base64 images in HTML pages base64 is not just for emails
11/02/2016 — Debloat docker alpine, not ubuntu
11/02/2016 — Busybox HTTPD tiny web server