Fonts in Archlinux Console

Maybe it’s because I’m becoming older, but I can’t stand the default font size of the Archlinux console anymore. Why so small?

I am talking about the console you get when you boot an Archlinux ISO, just before you run archinstall or you start having fun with doing it all a la mano.

To make it bigger:

  1. Choose a font a in /usr/share/kdb/consolefonts. You might have to try a few. I found the ones starting with “ter-” to be to my liking.

  2. Set the font as follows:

# setfont ter-228n
  1. Also, set your keyboard (UK keyboard in my case):
# loadkeys uk
  1. To make these changes permanent (and other setups), write them in /etc/vconsole.conf. This is how it looks on my Archlinux workstation: