pfSense notifications with Sendgrid

To have your pfSense device send you email notifications, you can configure it like so:

1. Create yourself a Sendgrid account on

2. In pfSense (I currently use version 2.2.6), go to:

System > Advanced > Notifications (tab)

3. Set up the 'SMTP E-Mail' section as follows:

  • E-Mail server:
  • SMTP Port of E-Mail server: 465
  • Secure SMTP Connection: check the box entitled: 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS'
  • Put whatever you want and need in the field 'From e-mail address'
  • Notification E-Mail address: This is the address the notifications emails should be sent to
  • Your Sendgrid credentials are to go to the fields: 'Notification E-Mail auth username (optional)' and 'Notification E-Mail auth password'
  • Notification E-Mail auth mechanism: PLAIN
You can test by pressing the button 'Test SMTP' (duh!) and you can see the completion in the logs (Status > System Logs).
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